• Remove the door by lifting and put the door frame in place.
      • Adjust the door frame to suit the opening by tightening the 6 bolts with 12mm Allen key.

    When adjusting the door frame to suit your opening do not over tighten the Allen keys.

    • Drill through the centre of the Allen key bolts into the block work with a 10mm drill.
    • When fitting the door frame make sure that it is fitted square and plum. (If the doors’ frame is not square and plum the shot bolts in the steel door could jam in the frame.) Use 6 appropriate fixings (this will vary dependant on whether you are fixing to brickwork or steel for example) to fix the frame into place.
    • Place the security door back onto its hinges. Check the gap around the door and frame is equal.
    • Fix the 2 screw connectors to the outside handle. Insert the spring into the spindle drive followed by the large shaft.
    • Fit the other spring and the smaller shaft to the inside handle. When fitting the door furniture make sure the spindles are inserted correctly.
    • Secure the inside handle with the 2 screws. When fitting the doors’ handles do not over tighten the screws (this could jam the lock).

Your security door is now fully installed and ready to use.